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At NALA we started some cool classes called practical skills. During practical skills we do bread making, crocheting, and square-foot gardening. During bread making, I love coming up with new ideas, like biscuit balls. They are small balls that are biscuits and you can slice it in half and fill it with fruit and chocolate filling! I like using my creativity to make new things. Next, in crocheting I finally got to my fourth row and I am about to be on my fifth row. I felt really excited getting to my fourth row! Usually I have to push through even when I don’t feel like it. At first my chain seemed like a big ball of junk, but now it is turning into a master piece. Lastly, in square- foot gardening I really want to garden snap dragons. NALA really lives up to its motto, “Where Students Learn Value,” and I am happy to be at this school!

John Michael

5th Grade

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