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"Where Students Learn Value"


Our mission is to cultivate young men and women who will stand as distinguished thinkers in society; youth that will walk in the path of academic excellence, persevere in adversity, and remain faithful to God. We are committed to providing a well-rounded education, teaching students practical skills that will prepare them for this life, and ULTIMATELY the life which is to come.


NAPS has a mission to mitigate hunger, poverty, and disease; and to improve education and food security among suffering people--nationally and internationally--regardless of race, religion, or nationality. The organization provides humanitarian aid and educational support.


NAPS began working in the Black Belt region in 2010 through tutoring programs and building projects. While working in this area, volunteers noticed discrepancies in the community. One major disparity was the educational need in the area. The following are some shockingly surreal statistics that were found: 

60 percent of schools in the area are failing,

98 percent of the students are not ready for college Math,

95 percent are of the students not ready for college Science,

60 percent of those graduating high school are not ready for college English,

There are even 12th graders who can only read at a second grade level.


Based on these observations, NAPS was inspired to construct an elementary school, NAPS Abundant Life Academy (NALA), in 2013. The school was developed due to the request for NAPS volunteers, and the overwhelming need for better education, in the Black Belt regions of Alabama and Mississippi.


Students receive a cutting-edge education that is

catered to their individual needs. This includes the core subjects, as well as Agricultural Sciences and Bible class. In Bible class, students learn the importance of Christian living and Bible memorization.


NALA’s aim is to point children to Jesus, the joy of service. We integrate the Bible into every aspect of our student’s educational experience. We believe when educating the mind, you must ultimately educate and nurture the heart.  


At NALA, our students are trained to value their community and their neighbor. They participate in door-to-door ministry, conduct inspiring presentations at local nursing homes, and assist in the NAPS food pantry by preparing grocery bags for families in need.


Students have the privilege of boarding at the school grounds during the week. On-campus living provides students with nutritious meals 3 times a day, a family atmosphere, and personal tutoring throughout the week.

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