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This month I got to go on the NALA Black History Tour. It was so much fun! I liked that in the Rosa Parks Museum, they tried to make it seem like you were actually time traveling. Then I liked learning more about the Freedom Riders. At the Freedom Riders Museum, I learned that they used songs to communicate in the prison to make sure everyone was safe. Not only that, but then we traveled to Marion, AL we visited the Reverie Mansion, Lincoln Normal School, the Military hall of Fame, and Judson College. The best part was going to the Martin Luther King Safe House. There we learned about how the KKK tried to kill Dr. King, but the museum was the actual house where he rested that night and stayed safe.

The greatest part was seeing my great-grandfather’s picture in the Safe House, as one of the people who was thrown in prison for standing up against segregation! I love going to NALA because we get to explore and learn new things.


5th Grade

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