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On NALA service day we had the opportunity to give back to our community! Our service day started with helping our local library. We dusted the shelves, put the books in the right place, and we helped vacuum the floors. I had a great time.

The librarian was so happy she gave us a big smile and lots of stuff. Then we went to the nursing home. We read Christmas books from the library and sang carols. It was fun. I read to a lady who could not speak, she was mute. I could tell she really liked the book because she started clapping. When the book was done I gave the her a hand-made Christmas card. When I hugged the lady she did not let me go. She really loved the book and card. When it was time to go I gave her one last hug and left. I love NALA! It is so much fun and we get to go on mission trips and help people.



4th Grade

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