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I love going to NALA! I think it’s a great place to be with great people who show you love. Especially for kids who may not come from that type of home. Something I love about my school is that we learn a lot. No child is left behind! All of us may not be on the same page, but NALA helps you no matter where you are. I have learned how to be respectful, how to never give up even when things are hard, and also that there are good schools out there, especially this one.

Another thing I love about my school is that we love to help people. That’s a really big thing for my school. Ways we help people are by giving them clothes, food, praying for them, and singing for them. Helping others makes me feel like I can do anything. It really pushes me. It has taught me how to keep fighting even when life is hard.

If your kids come here they will enjoy every part of it, and so will you. Your kids will come back so smart, and if you want them to learn more about God, this is the place.

Come and support us!

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day! Remember God loves you!

-Jar- Daina Ryans

7th Grade

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